Planner and notebook setup 2024

I finally decided my planner and notebook setup for 2024. I will use a Hobonichi Weeks, again. This time I decided to go for the Mega, it is slightly thicker than the standard one.

While it is just 3mm thicker than the standard Weeks the Mega offers 214 pages for free writing at the end of the book, the standard has 71 pages.

It is like having an additional 130 pages notebook in just 3mm.

Hobonichi Weeks Standard vs Mega
Hobonichi Weeks Standard vs Mega

For daily journaling this year I have used a ruled A5 notebook, for 2024 I have decided to go with the Hobonichi Weeks memo pad. They’re 40 pages, just 2mm thick and made of the same Tomoe River paper the Weeks is done with. I will carry everything into an undyed Leather Slim cover from Galen Leather.

Here’s the cover with my beloved Delta Dolce Vita and, in the pen holder, a Lamy Safari special edition Cream with 1.1mm italic nib.

Galen Leather undyed leather Slim cover
Galen Leather undyed leather Slim cover

It is a minimal approach, both the agenda and the notebook have the same size and I find more comfortable carrying around everything within a single cover. At some point for daily journaling I will probably come back to an A5 notebook, but will likely keep it at home for the morning pages and the end of the day reflections. The Weeks + memo pad setup will probably turn more into a every day carry for planning and work/personal common place book. Pens and inks will be a different chapter, I can’t stick with a single pen and ink, I use to rotate them through the year.


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